Create Management Systems

The development of Manaement systems represnts a proactive approach to address the deficincies thorugh the organization rather than reactive approach and give a clear procedures and guidelines to be followed by all workforces including top management
CORE is able to create your management system in order to be recognized internationally as per related international standards (ISO, OHSAS, etc.) leading to invading new markets and profit increase.

GAP Analysis for Management Systems

Many organizations have thier owen management system, these systems have been designed and implemented for many years, however they didn’t recogize is that management system is in line with the international standard, that add value, improve the performance and certified internationally.
CORE is able to identifying deviations in Management Systems as per related international standards (ISO) in order to:
Be capable of certifying client’s organization.
Improve the Organization Management Performance.


Many Organization have undertaken reviews and audits to assess the performance on their own way, however these audits and reviews may not be sufficient to provide an organization with the assurance that its performance not only meet but will continue meet the objectives and the management system.
CORE is able to Measure the implementation of your management system, and ensuring continual improvement and being in compliance with the management system standards effectively.

Competency Assessment

A competency is a measurable pattern of knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other characteristics that an individual needs to perform work roles or occupational functions successfully.
CORE is able to measure the Competencies for the client’s workforces and/or create internal competency assessment programs for the clients

Creating HSE Cases

The main objective in developing the HSE Case that the organizations have a level of consistency in the approach to Hazard identification, management and overall systems and documentation that provide the tools to ensure this is maintained within the life cycle operation of the assets.
CORE is able to developed HSE case with the input and support of rig personnel as well as Client corporate functions. The HSE Case is regarded as a key document reflecting in full both commitment of Client management, site crew and that of contracted parties to the goals, objectives and requirements listed within its 6 parts to ensure an ALARP status is maintained at all times on the worksite.