Offshore Stability Training

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Provide introductory training and a sound understanding in the theory and practice of basic stability that meets the needs of the marine and offshore industries and that complies with the IADC/NI guidelines for the training of Ballast Control Operators on Mobile Offshore Units, and IMO Resolution A1079(28) Recommendation on Training Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units.

  • This course is aimed at personnel with no previous formal stability training. It complies with
    the IMO requirement A1079(28) for the selection and training of Ballast Control Operators.
  • This course is suitable for all MOU personnel involved in stability calculations, including self-
    elevating platforms (Jack-Ups). Delegates will be required to pass a written examination
    prior to the issue of a certificate.

  • Terminology
  • States of equilibrium
  • Initial stability
  • Longitudinal and transverse stability
  • Hydrostatics

This course is suited for personnel working on MODUs that require an Offshore Installation Manager Endorsement (OIM), a Barge supervisor Endorsement or the Ballast Control Operator Endorsement (BCO).

  • Classroom lectures and exercises
  • Final test (multiple answer test)

  • Core Certificate for each attendee
  • International flag certificate

Offshore Stability Training

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