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Basic AC Generators

Course Purposes

Students taking this course will learn about basic electricity fundamentals for use in the marine industry. Basic DC and AC electrical units and circuits are studied and the response of resistive, inductive, and capacitative loads to DC and AC voltages are analysed. An operator level introduction to electrical machines, control and power distribution are included..

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:
  •   Safely use an electric multimeter to troubleshoot basic electric circuits.
  •   Determine the power and energy used in DC and AC electric circuits.
  •   Discuss the operation and maintenance of Lead Acid batteries.
  •   Explain how magnetism and electric currents are inter-related in generators and motors
  •   Describe the operation of rectifiers.
  •   Calculate impedance and power factor in AC circuits.
  •   Summarize the basic operation of DC and AC generators and motors.

Course Contents

  •   Electrical units and Ohms Law
  •   Sources of electric power
  •   Lead Acid and Alkaline batteries
  •   Electric power and energy and its measurement
  •   Resistance in series and parallel
  •   Electromagnetism and capacitance
  •   Generators and motors
  •   Power distribution

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • beginners
  • novice engineers
  • electricians
  • hobbyists
  • plant mechanics
  • service technicians
  • maintenance supervisors
  • plant engineers
  • contractors
  • energy auditors
  • layout professionals and general audience


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


Core Certificate

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