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CORE - Steering System
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Steering System

Course Purposes

This course is designed to provide the student with skills in alignment of front ends and rear wheel alignment where applicable and inspection and repair of steering and suspension components.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participant will be able to
  •   Diagnose, analyze, and repair common steering and suspension alignment malfunctions at a beginner Level in 2.5 times flat rate time.
  •   Demonstrate proper use of specialized tools and equipment in performing steering and suspension work.

Course Contents

    Safety and shop routine
  •    Shop safety and routines
  •    Vehicle identifying information, customer concern, related service history, cause, and correction
  •    Identify and interpret steering and suspension system concern; determine necessary action
   Tires and wheels
  •   Tire construction
  •    Tire and wheel size and measurement
  •    Tire dismount and mounting and proper torqueing techniques
  •    Balancing and rotation
  •  Wear pattern, noise, vibration, and pull diagnosis
  •   Repair techniques
  •   Tire pressure monitoring systems theory, diagnosis, and calibration
   Wheel bearings
  •    Types
  •    Cleaning and inspection
  •    Grease packing and adjustment
  Suspension: Theory, design, inspection, and diagnosis
  •  Types - solid axle and independent suspension
  •   Coil springs, short arm long arm
  •    Leaf springs
  •    Torsion bars
  •   Macpherson strut
  •   Sway arm and stabilizer system
  •  Shock absorbers
     Checking and adjusting alignment angles
  •  Theory and diagnosis: vehicle wander, drift, pull, hard steering, bump steer, memory steer, torque steer, and steering return
  •  Alignment pre-checks
  • Four wheel alignment -caster, camber and toe
  • Thrust angle
  • Toe-out-on-turns and SAI - steering axis inclination
    Steering systems: Theory, diagnosis and repair
  •    Steering wheel and column
  •    SRS/Air bag system disable and enable and clock spring removal and centering
  •   Steering gear
  •   Rack and pinion
  •    Steering linkage
  •    Four wheel steering
  •   Electronic steering systems
  Theory of operation
  •    Pumps and hoses Belt inspection and replacement<span id="cke_bm_406E" none;"=""> 

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • automotive engineers in the vehicle dynamics
  • chassis
  • suspension
  • steering and chassis controls fields who work in product design
  • development, testing, simulation or research


1 Day

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