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CORE - Active and Passive Safety in Vehicle
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Active and Passive Safety in Vehicle

Course Purposes

An airbag is a vehicle passive restraint safety device. While ABS is a vehicle active safety device The development of Safety takes main part in the international researches and investigation in the field of automotive safety.

Course Objectives:

  • To look at both Passive & Active car safety systems 
  • To explain how the active safety systems work in terms of the Physics we know Essential preparation for exam & research task! The Physics of Car Safety 
  •  avoid accidents through  Good ergonomic design e.g. Not having to take your eyes off the road & hands off the wheel to use the radio 
  • Allowing the driver to concentrate to the maximum of his ability, by keeping him comfortable & avoiding distractions 

Course Contents

Passive Safety, SRS: 
  •  The architecture of SRS.
  •   Air bag construction.
  •   Airbag, principle operation.
  •   Driver airbag, co-driver air bag, side airbag and curtain airbag.
  •   Seatbelt tensioner construction.
  •   How the seatbelt tensioner works.
  •   Precaution and instruction needs to follow during working in SRS .
  •   SRS wiring diagram in different model of Peugeot.
  •   Triggering conditions.
Active Safety, ABS:
  •  Conventional braking Systems.
  •   Adherence characteristic between tiers and road.
  •   Sliding with and without ABS.
  •   Steering with and without ABS.
  •   The hydraulic system.
  •   Types of ABS in Peugeot.
  •   What is ESP
  •   The principle of operation.
  •   The basic function of ABS.
  •   The assistance in the critical transverse movement.
  •   The stability of the vehicle in all driving conditions.
  •   The ASR and MSR.   

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for


  • everybody who wants to obtain an up-to-date overview of this wide area.
  • It is suited for novices in the field of Passive Safety of Vehicles such as university graduates, career changers, project assistants, internal service providers, but also for highly qualified technicians from the crash-test lab.


3 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures , group activities, practice & examinations


Core Certificate

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