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Strategic Thinking

Course Purposes

This training course gives you a robust practical framework to formulate, develop, and implement plans for achieving strategic goals and realising your vision. It shows you how to break out of responding to day-to-day problems so you can build a team or organization that is more proactive and resilient to change.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course each attendee will be able to
  • Learn to be a strategic thinker
  • Know how to create a strategy & most importantly how to implement it
  • Secure yourself with risk assessment & planning for contingencies
  • Think differently to overcome obstacles & reach your objectives

Course Contents

Your Strategic Self
  •   Strategic Thinking Definition & Importance
  •   Becoming A Strategic Thinker
  •   The Basic Strategy Questions
  •   Thinking Like A Strategist
Creating Your Strategy
  •   See The Big Picture
  •   Look For Advantages & Core Competencies : Nonaka & Takeuchi’s Knowledge Spiral
  •   Making Strategic Decisions & Choices: Mckiney’s 7 S Framework
  •   Adapting To Your Competitive Environment: Porter’s Generic Strategies
Winning The Strategy
  •   Create New Markets
  •   Grow Your Business : Ansoff’s Growth Grid
  •   Go Global Without Going Broke: Scenario Planning
Making Your Strategy Work
  •   Manage Your Strategy Process: Burgelman’s Model
  •   Strategy Execution: Hrebiniak’s Model
  •   Manage Change, Making Strategy Work: Kotter’s Process
  •   Understand What Can Go Wrong: Argyis’s Double & Single Loop Learning
  •   Save Your Company From Failure: Greiner’s Growth & Crisis Model
Activities, Games & Crafting An Action Plan For Guidance

Course Recipients

This course is suited for
  •   Managers, Top Managers and Decision Makers.


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures, Videos & Practical Training and Exercises


Core Certificate

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