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Strategic Planning

Course Purposes

Generally strategic planning assumes the future will be more or less like the present. However, in today’s world of accelerated change – we need to challenge this industry convention. When we plan, we should examine the prospect of a radically different future which capitalises on new technologies and the macro changes in the environment.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:
  •   Apply your understanding of the principles of strategic management
  •   Be able to analyze a venture’s environment with basic tools
  •   Understand what “positioning” of a venture is
  •   Identify competitive advantage when it exists
  •   Formulate a basic strategy for the venture
  •   Ask the right questions

Course Contents

  Preparing for the Strategic Planning Process
  Difference Between Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Planning
  Setting the Parameters for the Strategic Planning Process
  •   The Phases of the Strategic Planning Process
  •  The Preliminary Planning Phase
  •   Stakeholders
  •   Establishing a Strategic Planning Committee
  •   Gathering Operational Data
 Initiating the Strategic Planning Process
  •   Developing a Mission Statement
  •   Developing a Vision Statement
  •   Assessing Internal/External Environments
  •   Performing SWOT Analysis
 Developing the Strategic Plan
  •   Prioritizing What the Strategic Plan Will Address
  •   Setting SMART Goals and Objectives
  •   Developing Strategy for Achieving Goals
  •   Drafting the Strategic Plan
  •   Using Planning Tools
Executing the Plan
  •   Assigning Responsibility and Authority
  •   Establishing a Monitoring System 

Course Recipients

This course is suited for
  • CEOs
  • General managers
  • Divisional managers


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures, Videos & Practical Training and Exercises


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