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Coaching and Mentoring

Course Purposes

This course aims to give participants a clear insight and understanding into the dynamics that happen between people when they work one-to-one. The temptation when coaching or mentoring someone is to provide solutions to problems or difficulties. We will help you find ways to hand the issues back to the person and encourage them to find the solutions for themselves.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course each attendee will be able to
  •   understand the differences between coaching, mentoring and training
  •   create individual development frameworks
  •   develop and build trust
  •   use positive language patterns and questioning techniques
  •   use active listening skills
  •   read body language
  •   use different feedback tools
  •   develop positive outcomes for lifelong learning

Course Contents

  •  Adapting styles and approach depending on the individual
  •   Understanding when to coach, when to mentor and when to train
  •  Developing individual frameworks
  •  Developing trust Coaching and mentoring
  •   Using positive language
  •   Active listening techniques
  •   Questioning skills
  •   The GROW and other models
  •  Feedback skills

Course Recipients

This course is suited for
  • Management staff who understand that coaching & mentoring are an essential part of the Collaborative Management skill-set
  • who wish to learn how they can achieve performance gains and results through coaching and mentoring  


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures, Videos & Practical Training and Exercises


Core Certificate

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