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Time Management

Course Purposes

Organisations are using fewer people to do more work than before. Tight deadlines, last minute changes, rapid schedules, modern communications and the pace of business today all add to the pressure. More than ever we need to be effective in planning our workload and managing our time. If you find yourself constantly working extra hours just to keep up then you need Time Management training.

Course Objectives:

In this workshop, trainees learn to:
  •   Articulate their goals
  •   Analyze how they are currently allocating their most precious resources: energy and time
  •   Identify elements of their personal work style that contribute to their effective use of time
  •   Assemble a collection of time-management tools and strategies that they can use to take control of their time
  •  Create an action plan for their time-management process and identify ways to evaluate and improve their efforts

Course Contents

The workshop is comprised of five modules as follows:
Defining Goals
  •   Defining Time Management Process
  •   Articulating Goals
  •   Identifying Mission and Objectives
Analyzing Energy Allocation
  •  Identifying How Energy Is Spent
  •   Analyzing Tasks
  •   Analyzing Time Usage
  •   Analyzing Energy Flow
Identifying Personal Style
  •   Reviewing a Successful Day or Project
  •   Analyzing Your Preferences
  •   Identifying Personal Strengths
  •   Identifying Personal Motivators
  •   Reducing Internal and External Time Wasters
Assembling the Toolbox
  •   Negotiating for Success
  •   Delegating Tasks 
  •   Obstacles to Delegation
  •   Targeting Areas of Delegation
  •   Planning the Delegation
  •   Choosing Tools that Work for You
Creating an Action Plan
  •   Creating the Action Plan
  • Evaluating the Time-Management Process

Course Recipients

A Communicaid Effective Time Management course will be of benefit to you if you:
  • Work in a busy, fast-moving environment
  • Have trouble meeting schedules and deadlines
  • Regularly work extra hours just to keep up
  • Find it difficult to manage the demands and expectations of others


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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