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CORE - Scaffolding Erector
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Scaffolding Erector

Course Purposes

The purpose of this course is to provide scaffold erectors and users with the regulations, safety guidlines and procedures needed to recognize and eliminate hazards in the field and determine the specific rules and steps associated with the erection and dismantling of several types of scaffold.

Course Objectives:

  • This Scaffold Erection safety course focuses on improving the way that construction workers install, use and dismantle scaffolds.
  • At the end of this Scaffold Erection safety course, you will have been provided with the knowledge required to safely work with and around scaffolds at the job site.

Course Contents

Day One
  • Overview of the 25 types of scaffolds in the OSHA regulations
  • coverage of the OSHA requirements. It also covers recommended assembly procedures
  • It is primarily classroom with walk by discussion of actual scaffold displays.
  •  Introduction to Scaffolding
  •  Various types of scaffolds
  • General safety requirements -foundations, fall protection, platforms, etc
  •  Accepted international code
Day Two
  •   Consists of practical hands-on   
  •   erection and dismantling of
  •   several types of basic frame, tube
 coupler, and "system" scaffolds
  •  Step by step assembly procedures
  • Inspection of completed scaffolds.
  •  Field trip/hands on.
Day Three
  • Covers scaffold design & loading, including how to determine what size scaffold is needed
  • how to do scaffold drawings
  • how to calculate the scaffold material required, and how to calculate the weights on the scaffold planks, bearers, couplers, and posts -leg load
  •  It also covers typical manufacturers allowable loading
  • Planning a scaffold job
  •  Design of Scaffolds
  •  Underhung Scaffolds
  •  Drawings
  •  Material Calculation
  •  Calculation of Loading
 Day Four
  • Covers powered suspended scaffolds. Topics included are single and two point suspended scaffold - e.g. Spider, swing stage, etc
  •  rigging equipment, counterweight formula, and related topics. includes PDF copies of several different manufacturers' brochures, and hands-on training
  •  Applications
  •  Review of previous material
Day Five
  •    Consists of practical hands-on erection and dismantling of several types of basic frame, tube  & coupler, and "system" scaffolds
  •   Step by step assembly procedures
  •  Inspection of completed scaffolds
  •  Field trip/hands on

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • According to client requirements.


4 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures , Practical Training & Final test


Core Certificate

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