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CORE - Rig Inspection
Training, Consultation & General services Company
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Rig Inspection

Course Purposes

teaches the inspection and maintenance procedures required to ensure equipment integrity onland rigs, platform rigs and jack-up rigs. Candidates learn to implement the relevant standards and understand industry requirements so that they can verify the condition of a rig’s equipment and improve safety, thus reducing the number of accidents and protecting the asset.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course all trainees should be able to:
  •      Independently carry out a basic visual rig inspection.
  •      Identify the main inspection criteria for all rig components and equipment.
  •      Identify major items that have an impact on rig safety and operations.
  •      Understand the basics of EX equipment installed in hazardous areas.
  •      Evaluate basic maintenance and inspection procedures on the rig to identify compliance with good working practices and industry standards.
  •      Understand the rig inspection relevant standards and their implications e.g. API, IADC, MODUSPEC survey, etc.
  •      Understand of all well control equipment operation. 
  •     Understand of life-saving equipment especially in offshore rigs.

Course Contents

Day 1
§  Introduction to the basis of drilling rig inspection
o   Why Drilling Rig Equipment?
o   Drilling Rig Equipment  functions
o   Rig  Types
o   Drilling Rig Operations
§  Rig  Operations and Maintenance
§  Rig components
o  Rotating system
o  Hoisting system
o  Circulating system (Mud system)
o  Power  system
o  Well control system( BOP'S)
§  Drilling equipment
o  Video Film + Animations
Day 2
§  Mud Pump Description
§  Mud Pump Functions
§  Mud Pump  Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
§  Drawwork Description
§  Drawwork Functions
§  Drawwork Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
§  Eddy Current  Description
§  Eddy Current Functions
§  Eddy Current Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
Day 3
§  Top Drive Description
§  Top Drive Functions
§  Top Drive Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
§  Rotary Table Description
§  Rotary Table Functions
§  Rotary Table Operation & Maintenance
§  Video Film + Animations
§  Crown Block, Swivel, Hook and Traveling Block
§  BOP  Functions
§  BOP Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
Day 4:
§  Engine Description
§  Engine Functions
§  Engine  Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
§  AC Generator Table Description
§  AC Generator Functions
§  AC Generator Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
Day 5:
§  SCR Description
§  SCR Functions
§  SCR  Operation & Maintenance
o  Video Film + Animations
§  EX & Hazardous area Description
§  EX & Electric Protection Functions
o  EX  Applications on Rigs
o  Video Film + Animations
o  Post-test

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  •  Drilling Supervisors, Drilling Engineers, Drilling Managers, HSE and Rig Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Toolpushers, Drillers, Mechanics and Electricians.


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


Core Certificate

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