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Rig Equipment

Course Purposes

This training covers production rig equipment and the machinery required to repair wells on artificial lift and to recondition oil and gas wells so they can continue to produce. Topics include early types of equipment, truck units, carrier units, transfer method of carrier rods, sucker rod makeup, auxiliary equipment, fluid pump and pits, rig machinery safety, portable mast safety, and carrier rig mast checklist.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participant will be able to know

  •  Identify fundamental components of drilling units
  •  Identify major items which have an impact on the safety and operation of a rig
  •   Perform a range of planned maintenance tasks
  •  Explain the function, from a safety perspective and at an elementary level, of electrical equipment such as AC/DC motors, generators, SCR systems, etc.
  •   Explain the implication of hazardous area classification and EX codes on electrical equipment
  •   Recognise deficiencies on EX electrical equipment
  •   Explain the working of eddy current brake (Elmagco brake)

Course Contents


Introduction to the basis of drilling rig inspection 
  • Why Drilling Rig Equipment?
  • Drilling Rig Equipment  functions
  • Rig  Types
  • Drilling Rig Operations 
Rig Operations and Maintenance
Rig components
  • Rotating system
  • Hoisting system
  • Circulating system (Mud system)
  • Power  system 
  • Well control system( BOP'S)
Drilling equipment 


Mud Pump Description
Mud Pump Functions
Mud Pump  Operation & Maintenance
Draw work Description
Draw work Functions
Draw work Operation & Maintenance
Eddy Current  Description
Eddy Current Functions
Eddy Current Operation & Maintenance


Top Drive Description
Top Drive Functions
Top Drive Operation & Maintenance
Rotary Table Description
Rotary Table Functions
Rotary Table Operation & Maintenance
Crown Block, Swivel, Hook and Traveling Block
BOP  Functions
BOP Operation & Maintenance


Engine Description
Engine Functions
Engine  Operation & Maintenance
AC Generator Table Description
AC Generator Functions
AC Generator Operation & Maintenance


SCR Description
SCR Functions
SCR  Operation & Maintenance
EX & Hazardous area Description
EX & Electric Protection Functions
  • EX  Applications on Rigs

Course Recipients


This course is suited for

  • Drilling and well service personnel looking to acquire a basic knowledge of rig equipment
  • New employees with little or no knowledge of drilling units
  • Maintenance personnel
  • (Assistant) Electricians
  • Maintenance staff changing to drilling units


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


Core Certificate

Available DATE

Duration Start End
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