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Advanced Food Safety & Catering Hygiene

Course Purposes

Food safety is of paramount importance to businesses of any size which handle food. Through this course the student can learn the systems and procedures necessary to maintain a top quality food business. From correct staff hygiene practices to maintaining a stringent pest prevention system, this course will ensure that the learner has the knowledge necessary to manage a hygienic food service operation. The student is first introduced food safety topics such as water quality, pest control measures, food service accidents and incident management.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course all trainees should be able to:
  •   Define the terms: food hygiene, food safety, contamination, high risk food, microorganism, pathogen, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, healthy carrier, convalescent carrier, case, incubation/onset period, and allergic responses to food and toxins.
  •  Explain in detail the moral, legal and financial benefits of high standards of food hygiene.
  •  Explain the cost of poor food hygiene in economic terms to the country, to the employer, and in terms of inconvenience to employees.
  •  Explain that food poisoning may be caused by the ingestion of poisonous plants and fish,> and food contaminated
  •   Explain the reasons for seasonal variations in reported cases of food poisoning.
  •   Describe the foods most commonly involved in outbreaks of food poisoning, and those foods rarely involved in outbreaks of food poisoning.
  •   Describe the role of the Environmental Health Officer, Food Safety Officers, the Public Analyst, Food Examiner, Microbiologist, and the Public Health Specialists in food poisoning investigations.

Course Contents

 Introduction to Personal Hygiene and Water Quality
  •  Personal Hygiene Part 1
  •  Personal Hygiene Part 2
  •  Personal Hygiene Part 3
  •  Water Quality Part 1
  •  Water Quality Part 2
  Introduction to Control Measures
  •  Pest Control Part 1
  •  Pest Control Part 2
  •  Food Contamination Control Part 1
  •  Food Contamination Control Part 2
  •  Food Contamination Control Part 3
 Control of Food Hazards and Incident Management
  •  Control of Food Hazard in General
  •  Control of Food Hazard Specific
  •  Incident Management

  Food Safety - First  & Second Assessment

  Personal Cleanliness and Health

  •  Introduction to personal cleanliness
  • Personal Cleanliness guidlines
  •  Guidline for Manual Cleaning
  •  Correctly Sanitaizing Dishware
 Sanitary Food Handling
  •  Receiving Food
  •  Storing Food
  •  Preparing Foods
  •  Sanitation Procedures
  Importance of Food Safety
  •  Food poisoning, causes and prevention
  •  Causes of Unsafe Food
  •  Cross contamination
  •  Illnesses which may affect Food Safety
  Hygienic Premises and Equipment
  •  Pest Control
  •  Avoiding unhygienic practices
  •  Maintaining hygienic staff facilities & Equipment
  •  Food safety signage
  •  Keeping work areas clean
  •  Inspection Process

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • Doctors
  • Nurses 


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

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