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CORE - Process Risk Assessment Advanced Course
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Process Risk Assessment Advanced Course

Course Purposes

The module enables attendees to develop theoretical and practical competences for proper spills prevention awareness, through the knowledge of applicable regulations and good practices standards. Response techniques and equipment are shown during the course, both for land and marine spills

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participant will be able to
  •   Understand the types of accidents, injuries and ill health that may occur as a result of failing to manage health and safety.
  •   Understand each of the five key steps of the risk assessment process.
  •   Feel confident to carry out a suitable and sufficient risk assessment of the workplace

Course Contents

Day 1
Introduction to Risk Assessment
  •  Programme introduction: delegate and tutor introductions; programme objectives
  •   Introduction to HSE Management Systems
  •   Integrating risk assessment within Risk Management
  •   Introduction to hazards identification and analysis techniques
  •   Benefits of Hazard Identification.
  •   Sources of hazards at hazards at the workplace.
  •   Techniques for hazard identification and analysis – HAZOP
  •  Syndicate exercise – application of HAZOP to relevant processes
 Day 2
Hazard and Operability Studies- HAZOP
  •   Definition of risks, issues and associated principles
  •   Semi-quantitative risk assessment techniques – machinery based
  •   Syndicate exercise: Working in small groups 
  •   Planning and implementing within risk management system
 Day 3
Analysis of the consequences
  •   Failure Modes and Effects Analysis-FMEA
  •   Failures of Permit-to-work systems: video presentation on Piper Alpha§  Analysis of the consequences- mechanics of fire, explosion and toxic releases
  •   Role of Fault Tree Analysis to identify how accidents can happen
  •   Group exercise on FTA
  Day 4
  •   Introduction to human factors and human error
  •   Hierarchical task analysis ‘HTA’
  •   Task-based HAZOP: Application to critical activities onshore and offshore
  •   Working in small groups on task-based hazops
  •   Integrating human factor within HSE management system – The Bhopal disaster
 Day 5
  •   Introduction to Quantified Risk Assessment - QRA
  •   The role of Event Tree Analysis in scenario development
  •   The role of Fault Tree Analysis for multi-causation analysis
  •   Applications for ETA and FTA
  •   Case Study: Working in small groups on accident analysis
  •   Preparation of action plans, planning and implementing
  •   Report back and discussion
  •   Personal action plans, programme review and the way ahead

Course Recipients

 This course is suited for
  •  Production, project, process, mechanical, control, maintenance and HSE personnel
  •  All personnel involved in implementing the Company’s HSE Management System


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


Core Certificate

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Duration Start End
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