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Working & Rescue at Height

Course Purposes

The course introduces participants to the principles of conducting non specialized height rescue and provides the opportunity to practice in a controlled environment.

Course Objectives:

  • The course is designed to provide the higher level of knowledge regarding the legislation and the planning and assessment of work and rescue at height

Course Contents

  •   Demonstrate competence in performing emergency rescue specific to structures being worked on, safe work systems and or types of equipment used as appropriate
  •   Demonstrate knowledge of the correct selection and use of communication systems for contacting emergency services
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge required to protect the rescuer
  •   Demonstrate the knowledge required to understand the causes of suspension intolerance
  •   Demonstrate the ability to advise the casualty of the appropriate methods to prevent suspension intolerance
  •   Demonstrate the ability to conduct the rescue whilst considering how the process may influence suspension intolerance
  •   Demonstrate the ability to provide first aid treatment to a rescued suspended person and treat suspected suspension intolerance

Course Recipients

  The course is addressed to
  • personnel who are directly allocated duties in the emergency response team and members of the general workforce who perform work at heights.


3 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures, Videos & Practical Training and Exercises


Core Certificate

Available DATE

Duration Start End
3 Days 2018-02-12 2018-02-14 Apply

3 Days 2018-04-16 2018-04-18 Apply

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