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Hydrogen Sulfide H2S

Course Purposes

The course provides information regarding the exposure with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) training, the student will be familiar with:
  •   Give the definition of Hydrogen Sulfide, along with its toxicity, common names and how it is formed
  •   State that the common industrial sites where H2S can be found include Petro-Chemical, Petroleum Exploration and Production, Manufacturing, and Agricultural
  •  State the properties and characteristics of H2S
  •   List the concentrations/toxic levels of H2S according to the ACGIH TLV/TWA, OSHA PEL/TWA, along with exposure levels and toxic gas comparisons
  •   List the common H2S effects on individuals along with entry routes, susceptibility and hyper-susceptibility issues
  •   Compare/contrast the detection and monitoring personal, portable and fixed monitors and detectors including chemical vs. electronic instrumentation
  •   Hands on exhibit of SCBA use and limitations
  •   Compare/contrast the types of Air Supplied Respirators, including Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Airline Respirator with Egress Bottle and the Escape Pack
  •   Discuss the Special Problems created with the use of Corrective Glasses/Contact Lenses, facial hair and facial characteristics
  •   List the Medical Considerations with wearing an Air Supplied Respirator
  •   Demonstrate proper maintenance and inspection of Air Supplied Respirators
  •   Complete a Donning and Doffing Exercise according to regulatory and company-specific time limits.

Course Contents

  •   What is H2S
  •  The property of H2S
  •   The effect of H2S
  •   The emergency procedures
  •   Detection and alarm
  •   Wind direction & Muster Point
  •   Rescue procedure & basic First aid
  •   Seven step response plan
  •   PPE

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for

  • the persons that could be exposed to work in environment with the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and provide the basic information of this type of gas.


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures and exercises & Final test


Core Certificate

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Duration Start End
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