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HSE Audit and Inspection

Course Purposes

Organizations, as a minimum requirement, must demonstrate compliance with health, safety and environmental ‘HSE’ legal requirements. They should also demonstrate compliance with the HSE Management System. An essential part of any HSE-MS is to provide some means of measuring performance against these requirements and to provide feedback for management review. The HSE Audit and site inspections are essential elements in providing this function. Auditors, whether experiences or new need to have the necessary experience in HSE to conduct an effective audit

Course Objectives:

  •   To gain in depth knowledge on safety audit and plant inspection
  •   To be able to carry out safety inspections and audits of processes and facilities
  •   To enumerate roles and responsibilities of the operator in HAZOP of the safety audit and plant inspection
  •   To apply safety analysis techniques to improve and maintain good safety Maintenance
  •   To identify safety issues and audits in a plant shutdown situations in different types of workplace hazards
  •   To practice different types of inspection
  •   To understand the importance of inspection and maintenance schedule of the tasks

Course Contents

  Difference between an audit and an inspection
  Basic Auditing Principles
  •   Benefits and types of audits
  •    Elements of an effective audit program
 Ground Rules for Auditors
  •    Auditors’ responsibilities
  •    Health and safety issues
  •    Confidentiality
  Audit Scope and Objectives
  •    Environmental compliance
  •    Health and safety
  Planning Ahead for an Effective Audit
  How to plan your audit program
  Audit team selection
  How to prepare checklists and working documentation
  Reports of Audit Results
  •    How to structure the audit report to company requirements
  •    Types of audit findings and how to present them
  •    Ways to recommend corrective actions
  •    How and to whom to distribute the audit Report
  Closing Out – Corrective Action
  •    Responsibilities of the auditors
  •    Responsibilities of the facility
  •    When and how to schedule follow-ups
  •    How to monitor corrective action

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  •    Experienced and new auditors
  •    All HSE personnel
  •    Managers and supervisors responsible for HSE functions 


3 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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