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Emergency Response Plan

Course Purposes

The goal of this course is to provide an understanding of the planning and preparation of emergency response plans. Participants would bring their existing plans for review and to determine any gaps as they move through the course. Participants will collaborate in small groups to analyze scenarios using incident videos and case studies.

Course Objectives:

Provide information and understanding of the following:
  •   Company Emergency System
  •   Roles & responsibilities of all personnel.
  •   Enable personnel designated to the Emergency Control Team to enhance their skills and knowledge so that they can discharge their emergency management responsibilities in a competent manner in order to safeguard personnel and equipment both on and off the facilities.
  •   The requirements and responsibilities of the Emergency Control Team in the event of an emergency.
  •   Procedures to evaluate, review emergency plans and determine areas which could be improved.

Course Contents

  Emergency Response Organization 
  Details of types of emergencies.
  •     Fires, explosions
  •     Toxic gas or substances escape
  •     Loss of containment/burst pipelines
  •     Well Kick, Blow-out,
  •    Major medical emergencies
  •     Environmental Spill
  •     Loss of radioactive source or escape of ionizing radiation.
  •     Terrorist or bomb threat
Command system structure details
 Communication systems.
  Emergency Pre-Planning
  Emergency prevention and control
  Emergency Response Team
  Emergency Alarm Procedures and Response to different emergencies.
  Detailed Roles and responsibilities of all personnel
  Assessment of incident and activation of response
  Decision for evacuation
  Alternative evacuation provisions.
  Managing of emergencies control centers
  Types of internal and external assistance and response capabilities.
  Liaison with internal and external emergency response services
  Training procedures for different emergency cases response
  Emergency exercises and drills provision, how they are controlled and evaluated.
  Monitoring of training, feedback systems.
  Implementation of recommendations to enhance response to emergencies.
  Summary& evaluation


Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • All employees and any other persons with responsibilities for planning and implementation of the emergency response and evacuation activities


3 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures and exercises & Final test


Core Certificate

Available DATE

Duration Start End
3 Days 2018-01-21 2018-01-23 Apply

3 Days 2018-02-26 2018-02-28 Apply

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