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CORE - Advanced Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
Training, Consultation & General services Company
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  • Maadi, Cairo – Egypt
    1st Floor, 15 Road 256

  • Working Hours
    From 08:00 am to 16:00 pm

Advanced Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Course Purposes

The Advanced Fire Fighting training has the objective to train and improve delegates' firefighting skills. By doing so, the delegate remains or becomes a competent Emergency Response member.

Course Objectives:

This Advanced firefighting course will enable employees to,
  •   Explain safety principles of firefighting and firefighting process hazards,
  •   Monitor and control of the different aspects of a fire in order to respond appropriately and efficiently in emergencies,
  •  Plan an attack on a fire, as an on-scene leader, with firefighters so as to effectively lead a response team during an emergency,
  •   Describe and identify the use of and inspection and maintenance requirements for fixed fire detection and extinguishing installations,
  •   Assess and record incidents and drills while directing passengers and personnel during an emergency,
  •   Plot search patterns,
  •   List and describe rescue techniques and organize and lead crew on deck to conduct a rescue operation,
  •   Demonstrate effective communication techniques and understand options for communication in emergency situations.

Course Contents

Day 1 (Theoretical)

Competence 1: Control fire-fighting operations
  • Knowledge, understanding and proficiency
  • Introduction, safety and principles 
  • Areas of fire hazard
  • Fire precautions
  • Dry distillation
  • Chemical reactions
  • Fires in water-tube boilers 
  • Tactics and procedure of fire control for oil, chemical and gas tankers 
  • Use of water for fire extinguishing, the effect on stability, precautions and corrective procedures 
  • Communication and co-ordination during fire-fighting operations 
  • Ventilation control including smoke extractor 
  • Control of fuel and electrical systems 
  • Fire precautions and hazards associated with the storage and handling of materials (paints etc) 
  • Management and control of injured persons 
  • Procedures for co-ordination with shore-based firefighters
Competence 2: Organize and train fire parties
  •  Preparation of contingency plans
  •   Composition and allocation of personnel to fire parties
  •   Fire control plans
  •   Organization of fire and abandon

Day 2 (Theoretical)

Competence 3: Inspect and service fire detection and extinguishing systems and equipment
  •  Fire alarms
  •   Fire detection equipment
  •   Fixed fire-extinguishing equipment
  •   Fire main, hydrants, hoses, nozzles and pumps
  •   Portable and mobile fire extinguishing equipment including appliances
  •   Firefighter's outfits and other personal protective equipment
  •   Rescue and life support equipment
  •   Salvage equipment
  •   Communication equipment
  •   Requirements for statutory and classification surveys

Competence 4: Investigate and compile reports on incidents involving
  •   Fire investigation and reporting
  •   Trainee's experience of fires
  •   Documented reports of fires on ships and lessons learned

Day 3 (Practical) 

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • everyone who assigned by his employeer to be a member of Emergency Response team.


3 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures, Videos & Practical Training and Exercises


Core Certificate

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