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Environmental Awareness

Course Purposes

The course provides knowledge on the main environmental hazards in workplace, knowledge of waste management, spills prevention awareness

Course Objectives:

  •   To provide employees with an overview of their
  •   Environmental responsibilities, and provide them with a
  •   greater understanding of employers aims and objectives to
  • improve sustainability within their business

Course Contents

  Definitions (waste, waste producer, disposal, recycle, etc)
  Waste classification (by international standards: domestic and industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous)
  Analyses for a proper waste characterization and classification
  Waste Management Strategy: 3R approach, as REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE
  Waste Management Process:
  •     Waste identification and classification
  •     Waste collection in the working areas
  •    Waste temporary storage areas in site
  •    Waste off-site transportation
  •     Waste final destination
  Handling hazardous materials - Handling, storage and disposal
  • General effects of a spill on environment (both sea and land)
  • Spill Contingency Plan main contents
  • The importance of prevention (main prevention tips and technical expedients, as hazardous substances handling and storage, refuelling systems, etc)
  • Spill response and clean up
  • Land and marine spill kits description - e.g. sorbents, shovels and other land equipment, chemical and biological agents, booms, skimmers

Course Recipients

 This course is suited for
  • the persons that working Offshore and Onshore 


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures and exercises & Final test


Core Certificate

Available DATE

Duration Start End
2 Days 2018-02-14 2018-02-15 Apply

2 Days 2018-04-11 2018-04-12 Apply

2 Days 2018-06-26 2018-06-27 Apply

2 Days 2018-08-08 2018-08-09 Apply

2 Days 2018-10-30 2018-10-31 Apply

2 Days 2018-12-26 2018-12-27 Apply

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