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Sucker Rod Pump (Design- Operations- Diagnosis- Optimization & Troubleshooting)

Course Purposes

This course will allow the attendant to acquire a solid knowledge of SRP and its applications. It covers detailed description and function of each component of SRP. Basis of reservoir inflow performance, artificial lift systems comparison, standard and special application, system components, design, diagnosis, troubleshooting and optimization are described and discussed.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide theoretical and practical knowledge of the advantages and limitations of the Sucker Rod Pumps with the purpose of develop the required skills to design
  • optimize and diagnose wells producing with this artificial lift method.

Course Contents

  •   Oil production introduction, basic definitions and concepts
  •   Role of Artificial Lift Systems in the oil industry
  •   Artificial Lift Systems Overview advantages and disadvantages
  •   Well Inflow and out flow Performance
  •   Artificial Lift selection criteria
  •   Advantages and limitations of the Sucker Rod Pump method
  •   Description and function of surface equipment
  •   Description and function of subsurface equipment
  •   SRP design - Calculation and sizing
  •   Description and analysis of the rod string behavior
  •   Calculation of torque, counterbalance, power and prime mover sizing
  •   Comprehensive design and selection of subsurface and surface components for a whole system considering operating envelope and several real scenarios
  •   Analysis of sucker rods pumping installation using well production tests, fluid level and dynamometric cards
  •   Principles of well testing and dynamometry to troubleshoot a sucker rod pumping installation
  •   Comprehensive discussion and analysis of dynamometer cards
  •    Optimization of sucker rod pumping systems

Course Recipients

This course is suited for
  • Production Engineers
  • technologists
  • people involved in Production Optimization, Specifically people who want to gain more knowledge about Sucked Rod Pumping


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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