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Coiled Tubing Intervention through Tubing Technology

Course Purposes

this course covers the gamut of coiled tubing applications. Economics and improvements in tools and technology have greatly increased the sphere of coiled tubing applications. Coiled tubing is the completion and remedial work string of necessity in many wells, especially for offshore, horizontal, and multilateral wells and fundamental characteristics and properties of coiled tubing and how they affect well operations. Most of the course is devoted to the all-important practical applications in completions and production operations including case histories.

Course Objectives:

  •  Describe the fundamentals of coiled tubing and specify related equipment
  •   Determine the parameters of coiled tubing failure and how to minimize failures
  •   Plan safe and effective coiled tubing operations
  •   Specify coiled tubing procedures and equipment for production applications
  •  Specify coiled tubing procedures and equipment for completion applications
  •   Analyze case histories of coiled tubing successes and failures

Course Contents

Coil Tubing Unit Components & Function
  •   Injection head
  •   Coiled Tubing Reel
  •   Power pack/Control Cabin
  •   Strippers
  •   Tandem Stripers
  •   Quad Blowout Preventer
  •   Combi and Shear/Seal BOP
  •   Jacking Frame
  •   The Coiled Tubing Unit
 Coiled Pipe Specification
  •   Coiled Tubing Background
  •   Strip Bias Welding
  • Taper Design
  •   Coiled Tubing Materials
  •   large-Diameter Coiled Tubing
  •   Internal Flash Free
  •   In-Line Wireline
  •   External Coatings
  •   Production String Application
  •   Velocity Strings
  •   Electrical Applications
  •   Subsea Flow lines
  •   Coiled Tubing Specifications
 Working with Coil Tubing
  •   Standardized Procedures
  •   Coiled Tubing Tubing Unit Rig-Up Procedures
  •   Coiled Tubing BOP testing and Rig-Up
  •   Pre-Job Procedures
  •   Post-Job procedures
  •   Control Consoles
  •   Hydraulic Pressure Setting for coiled Tubing Power Packs
  •  Accumulators
  •  Use of Tools on Coiled Tubing
  •   Tripping Pipe
  •  Tubing Records
  •   Calculations of Displacement and Capacity
  •   Coiled Tubing failures and Pin Holes
  •   Field Welding and Repair of Coiled Tubing
  •   Stuck Coiled Tubing
  •   Runaway Hang Off’s
  •   Purging of Hazardous Material
  •   Personal of Hazardous Equipment
  •   Safety Equipment on Unit
  •   Personal Protective safety Equipment Requirement
  •   Safety Procedures for H2S
  •   Emergency Shutdown, BOP Drills, BOP Pressure tests and Actuation
  •   Coiled Tubing Operations at Night
  •   Several Weather/Wind/Lightning
  •   Operating in Extreme Temperatures
  •   Communications Systems
  •   Pumps, tank and Gas Busters, Return Lines and Chokes
  •   Use of Grains for Coiled Tubing Operations
  •   Elastomeric Selection for Coiled Tubing
  •  rental Equipment
  •   Nitrogen Safety and Rig-Up
  •   Job Site Procedures
  •   Working Above ground
 CTU Heavy Duty Tool String
  •   SPE Cooperation and Utilization
  •   Coiled Tubing Service Tools
  •   Hydraulic jars
  •   Knuckle Joints
  •   Accelerators
  •   Inflatable Packer
  •   Tubing Connectors F/Service Tools
  •   Tubing Connectors F/Completions
  •   Hydrulic Disconnect Tool
  •   Back Pressure Value
 CTU Packer Application
  •   Why Run A Packer
  •   Inflatable packer
  •   Technical Information
  •   Coiled Tubing Products
  •   Recommended Procedures
  •   Inflatable Packers
  •   Thru-Tubing Fishing Services
 Wellbore Cleanout
  •   Sand Washing with Coiled Tubing
  •   Sand Washing with Water
  •   Sand Washing with Nitrified water
  •   Sand Washing with foam
  •   Example of sand Washing Procedure
  •   Cleaning Out With a Down hole Motor
  •   Jetting with Coiled Tubing
  •   Jetting for Production
  •   Reduction of Hydrostatic Head for perforating
  •   Back flushing Disposal and Injection Wells
  •   Jetting for Zone Evaluation
  •   Paraffin and Salt Removal Using Coiled Tubing
  •   Paraffin removal Using Coiled Tubing and Hot Oil
  •   paraffin and Salt removal Using Coiled Tubing and Hot water
  •   Paraffin removal using Coiled Tubing and Chemicals Asphaltenes
  •   Asphalting removal
Formation Stimulation
  •   Introduction
  •   Chemical Stimulation
  •   Completion Types
  •   Acids
  •   General Acid Treatment Schedule
  •   General Acid Placement Technique
  •   Specialty Stimulation
  •  Cement Design Specifications
  •   Cement Techniques
 CTU Drilling
  •   Milling-Drilling-and Fishing
  •   Rotational Drilling with Coiled Tubing
  •   Jet Drilling with Coiled Tubing
  •   Otis Jet Drill Head
 CTU Electric Line Services
(Conveyed Services)
  •  Introduction
  •   Wireline Equipped Coiled Tubing Logging and Performing Services
  • Coiled Tubing Logging and Performing 

Course Recipients

This course is suited for
  •  Engineers and operating personnel in completion and production operations interested in learning about fundamentals of coiled tubing applications for production and completion operations.
  •   Also those with limited coiled tubing experience seeking a broader knowledge of current coiled tubing technology.


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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