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lifting operations safety awareness

Course Purposes

The course is to provide with an understanding of the subject of “lifting operations safety awareness”

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course the attendees will be able to demonstrate practical and theoritical knowledge of:
  • Relevant legislation, company procedures and standards
  • Different types of slings and rigging hardware
  • Use of slings and rigging hardware including sling angles
  • Pre- use inspection of slings and different types of wire ropes
  • Pre- use inspection of lifting accessories
  • Procedure, precautions and lifting plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Lifting operations

Course Contents

  Health and safety legislations
  LOLER (Lifting Operations Lifting Equipment Regulations)
 Duties of slingers, banksman and crane operators.
  British standard hand signals
  Radio communication
 Basic crane appreciation
  •   different type of cranes
  •   static and dynamic conditions
  •   load chart
  •  load control
  •  limit switch and safety devices
  •  shock loading
  Management of lifting operation:
  •   Identification of the lifting operation
  •   planning of the lifting operations
  • Routine and non-routine lifting operations
  •   sling angles
  •  selections and inspection of lifting equipment
  •   lifting team
 Task risk assessment
  • lifting operation categorization
  •  hazards identifications
  •  risk assessing a task
  •   inclusion of sufficient control measures
  •  supervision responsibilities
  Wire rope appreciation:
  •  Different types of wire ropes
  •    Wire rope construction
  •  Inspection, discard criteria & maintainance
  •  Selections of wire ropes
 Lifting gear inspection
  •   Shackles
  •    Hooks
  •  Webbing slings
  •    Chain blocks

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • all workers and supervisors in need of training in the fundamentals of safe rigging



Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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