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Banks Man Slinging & Lifting

Course Purposes

The Banksman role is primarily to replay instructions to the crane operator during lifting activities, and the Slinger role is to prepare and sling loads for lifting, and release the loads at their destination.

Course Objectives:

During the course delegates will learn
  •  a basic level of competence safe rigging and slinging various types of loads and safe working practices when working with wire ropes, slings and lifting appliances.

Course Contents

Introduction to Lifting Operations
  •  regulations and safety issues
  •  introduction to lifting roles and equipment
  •  preparing for the lift
  •  carrying out the lift
  •  restoring the work area

The Banksman’s Role
  •  the banksman’s duties
  •  communications and visibility
Slinging Operations
  •  principles of slinging
Practical Exercises
  •  the role of a banksman and slinger in a planned lift

Course Recipients

 This course is suited for
  • The OPITO-approved Banksman and Slinger Stage 1
  •   personnel wishing to become competent in the banksman and slinger role in the oil and gas industry.


2 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


LEEA Certificate

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