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IWCF Well Control for Surface BOP

Course Purposes

To submit the understanding of well control techniques for surface or subsea BOP installations at driller or supervisor level according to International Association of Drilling Contractors standards. Please state required test level when booking the course.

Course Objectives:

  •  Show the principles and procedures used in well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the IWCF Syllabus
  •  Use the equipment for well control operations with surface or subsea BOP stack as described in the
  •  IWCF Syllabus
  •  Show that a well control situation can be mastered by use of simulator according to IWCF standards
  • Obtain sufficient knowledge about the course content to pass three written tests with minimum 70% Score Summary& evaluation 

Course Contents

 Day 1

  •  W ell barriers & standards for barriers
  •  W ell barrier elements and acceptance criteria
  •  Responsibilities for well control& well integrity
  •  W ell control definitions & concepts
  •  API Recommended Practices and API Specifications
  •  U-tube analogy for well pressure calculations
  • Kick tolerance
  •  Kick causes, prevention & detection
  •  Shallow gas
  •  W ell control preparation
  •  W ell shut-in procedures & first actions
  • Practical - simulator overview and demonstration of well control load cases
  • This introductory day begins with registrations and a check of pre-requisite certifications .The classroom sessions will cover well barriers, barrier standards and testing before using the u-tube analogy to make well pressure calculations. Focuses’ on oil/gas/water kicks as well as looking at shallow gas. The participants will then move to the simulator for a demonstration of the system as well as reviewing the well control load cases.

  •  Day 2

  •  Gas behavior in W BM
  •  Conventional well control procedures
  •  Unconventional well control procedures
  •  W ell control complications
  •  Compensating for Choke Line Friction
  •  Riser Margin
  •  Workshop - Driller's Method
  •  Gas behaviors in OBM
  •  Difference between vertical and deviated well control
  •  Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulations
  •  >This session will cover gas behavior in drilling fluids before moving into a detailed workshop on well control procedures. The instructor will highlight complications which may arise during well control operations and review actions to be taken. The participants will then move to the simulator to practice a full well control scenario.

  •   Day 3

  •   Well control equipment review
  •  Well control equipment selection
  •  Well control equipment installation
  •  Well control equipment testing
  •  Practical - Full scenario (kick detection, shut-in, circulate out kick) simulations with 'Unexpected events' included
  •  This final classroom theory session will cover in detail the well control equipment used at rig site. The participants will again move to the simulator to practice a full scenario well control simulation complete with 'unexpected events.

  • Day 4

  •  Practical Assessment with simulator
  •  When not involved with the practical assessments, participants will be completing
  • Self-Study (using question bank) to prepare for written examinations
  • Group study - to facilitate questions/queries and discussions prior to written examination
  • Day 5

  •  Assessment - Principles & Procedures
  •  Assessment - Surface Well Control Equipment
  •  Assessment - Re-sit (as required)


Course Recipients

 This course is suited for

  • Rig site personnel in critical well control positions and office based engineers/supervisors who require IWCF certification. 


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures , exercises & Final test


IWCF Certificate

Available DATE

Duration Start End
5 Days 2018-02-11 2018-02-15 Apply

5 Days 2018-04-15 2018-04-19 Apply

5 Days 2018-07-08 2018-07-12 Apply

5 Days 2018-09-16 2018-09-20 Apply

5 Days 2018-12-02 2018-12-06 Apply

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