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Drilling through Equipment

Course Purposes

This course will assist new rig and office staff working with drilling operations in understanding drill-through equipment installed on rigs utilizing subsea stacks, both from a theoretical as well as a practical perspective. Basic engineering, design, operation and maintenance principles are reviewed and illustrated. Hydraulically-piloted control systems are thoroughly explained, and the basics of multiplex control systems are discussed.

Course Objectives:

Attendees will learn about the logic of the equipment and systems which are used to provide well control safety on floating drilling rigs. All major manufacturers are discussed. The focus is on practical information that can be put to immediate use, directly benefiting your drilling operation with lower downtime and increased reliability.
This course looks at each piece of equipment and discusses:
  •   The standard process of drilling a well
  •   How drill-through equipment works - using cross sections and animations to illustrate.
  •   The various items of drill-through equipment provided by the major OEMs
  •   Proper maintenance routines  - what to look for, why equipment is designed in a specific manner, what doesn't work or did not work in the past, and how we improve our equipment and maintenance procedures
  •   Unexpected failures and lessons learned

Course Contents

  •   BOP stacks + API Classification
  •   Surface Mud Flow Network
  •   Flow Path
  •   DrillSim 5000 Simulator
  •   Valves
  •   RAM Type BOP
  •   Annular Preventer
  •   Connections & Gaskets
  •   BOP Control Unit
  •   Auxiliary Equipment
  •   Mud Pump

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  • Individuals who are joining the drilling industry and will be involved with floating drilling operations and equipment as a user
  • manager or member of a regulatory body will find this course very useful.


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures , exercises & Final test


Core Certificate

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