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Drilling Problems

Course Purposes

Describes occurrences, preventive measures and remedial actions for common downhole drilling problems. Addresses considerations involved in drilling abnormal pressures, working in sour gas environments and planning fishing operations. Discusses procedures for optimizing bit hydraulics, bit weight and rotary speed to attain minimum cost drilling. Emphasizes importance of the mud system in meeting well objectives.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participant will be able to
  • Understanding and anticipating drilling problems
  • understanding their causes, and planning solutions are necessary for overall-well-cost control and for successfully reaching the target zone
  • This chapter addresses these problems, possible solutions, and, in some cases, preventive measures.

Course Contents

  •   Lost circulation of drilling fluid
  •   Sticking and torque pipe
  •   Blowouts of fluids and gases
  •   Controlling hole deviation
  •   Sloughing or caving shale
  •   Bridging
  •   Twist off
  •   Going back to bottom
  •   Vertical well drilling
  •   Pipe washout
  •   Drill string plug

Course Recipients

  This course is suited for
  •  Oil and gas management, engineers involved in the design and management of offshore LNG facilities. This could also include finance personnel, field operational and maintenance staff, field evaluation engineers, financiers, legal staff and board members.
  •  New employees in oil and gas companies who need a solid grounding in drilling operations
  • Technical staff in drilling and associated departments requiring an introduction
  •  Supply chain management and finance staff involved in drilling operations and budgets
  • Regulatory entities, bankers, lawyers, accountants and financial professionals


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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