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Drilling Calculations

Course Purposes

To give the professional junior drilling staff the necessary knowledge regarding common formulas and calculations used in the oilfield. Participants are also introduced to well control principles and kill sheets, prior to attending their first well control course.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course the participant will be able to
  • Understand basic calculations used in well control.
  • Drill and shut in well on the Drillsim 5000 simulator.
  • Fill in the IWCF kill sheet for surface and subsea kill operations.
  • Use the drilling data handbook to obtain various tubular data

Course Contents

  • Perform the basic drilling and tripping calculations
  • Perform the basic drill string calculations and the neutral point location
  • Identify kick warning signs and the corrective actions
  • Identify kick positive indicators and the shut-in procedures
  • Differentiate between L.O.T vs. F.I.T in purpose and procedures
  • Calculate the MAASP of the well based on LOT
  • Differentiate between the soft shut-in Vs. the hard shut-in line up and procedures
  • Differentiate between the Driller’s method Vs. Wait & Weight method
  • Fill in the IWCF surface kill sheet and its post shut-in calculations
  • Perform a “drilling, shut-in, and circulating a kick” exercise on DrillSim-5000 Simulator 

Course Recipients

<span lang="IT" 12pt;="" line-height:="" 115%;="" font-family:="" calibri,="" sans-serif;"="">This course is suited for ​
  • Drilling engineers.
  • Drilling rig key personnel.


5 Days

Methodology of teaching

Classroom lectures & Videos


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