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General Services

Lifting Gears Inspections

We provide Lifting Gear Inspection service accredited by LEEA international organization. The scope of inspection includes thorough examination for lifting gears, and NDT inspections for lifting equipment. Where the reporting process will include a database illustrating the causes of failure/damage, traceability, and automatically notify the customers of the next inspection due date.

Safety Signs supply

We supply standard signs reference to IMO; in addition we can provide customized signage according to client's requirements. Each sign is available in a variety of different sizes and materials to match your specific application or requirements.

Noise Survey

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 require workplace assessments to be carried out and suitable controls identified and implemented

We can provide you with suitably competent professionals who can provide expert assistance, carry out a wide variety of noise surveys using the latest equipment; we can manage to carry out a survey that will suit your budget.

Dropped Object Survey

Dropped objects are a leading cause of casualties in the industry; in order to help our customer sustaining a free dropped object environment, prevent harm to people, maintain asset integrity, we are able to conduct dropped object surveys of all types of structure

    Our dropped object objectives include:

  • Communicating the scale of the program to workforce.
  • Train key personnel on how to avoid dropped objects incidents,
  • Mobilizing the work force to play their part in eliminating the hazard.
  • Complying with the drops requirements.
Asbestos Management Survey

The Asbestos management survey will identify asbestos containing materials which could be present in your workplace and become damaged during normal everyday occupation and use of premises. An assessment on the condition of the suspect materials will be performed by the collection of suspect samples, followed by the analysis of the samples, to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos.